Preventing and Managing Burnout

Get Expert Advice On How To Stop Burnout From Hurting Your Productivity

Imagine working so hard at what you do fail because of burnout. That’s happening to millions of high achievers right now, but it doesn’t have to happen to you.

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About Burnout

Burnout is no picnic. It can make you feel exhausted, confused, frustrated, depressed and alone. We get it. We’ve been there.

That’s why, for individuals and businesses alike, burnout matters. Knowing how to prevent and manage burnout can make the difference between failure and success, and it all hinges on the strategies to cope people have at their disposal. The good news is that burnout is preventable; we now know the advanced psychological coping strategies needed to prevent and manage burnout effectively. The Burnout course provides people with these practical strategies.

The Preventing and Managing Burnout course helps participants become so familiar with the signs and symptoms of burnout that they can identify burnout as soon as it raises its ugly head so they can nip it in the bud, as it were. Caring people no longer need to fall victim to compassion fatigue or work burnout.

preventing burnout
It’s much easier to prevent something from happening than deal with it after. But we are human, and it happens. We often need to do more to prevent what’s harmful. That’s why the primary aim of Preventing and Managing Burnout course is to prevent rather than cure. But the secondary objective of this course is to ensure people walk away knowing what to do if they happen to be experiencing burnout.

Participants walk away with a practical toolset of ten strategies, confidently knowing that burnout is not an unstoppable villain but simply a friendly bio-psychological warning mechanism designed to move people to make positive changes.

That’s why working on burnout IS working for the success of your business. It’s just the motivation and drive needed to develop brilliant ideas to do things easier, faster, and better.

Let's face it; lately, people must do more with less. For many, there's increased pressure both at work and at home. Some of these pressures are personal, but they bring them to work. Some are work-related, but they take them home to their families. We are human, after all.

Who should do this training:

  • People at risk of high levels of stress both at work and at home
  • People interested in stress management
  • People that suspect they might be suffering from work burnout
  • Workplaces that want to prevent occupational burnout syndrome in their staff
  • Teachers at risk of teacher burnout
  • People dealing with people in crisis at risk of vicarious trauma
  • Companies that want to help staff have better-coping strategies at work
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What’s in the Course

  • The Signs and Stages of Burnout
  • Causes & Contributing Factors
  • Your 4 Options
  • The WMHI’s 10 Strategies to Prevent and Manage
  • Case Scenario
  • Personal Resilience Action Plan
  • Burnout Self Assessment
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Frequently Asked Questions

In the fast-paced and demanding world of today, where employees are often asked to do more with less, it is important to understand burnout. Burnout is happening to more and more people in a wide range of industries and jobs, no matter their job, gender, race, age, or level of expertise. Burnout can hurt even the best performance and get in the way of productivity. It can also hurt engagement, health, and morale.

People who say they are burned out say they are physically and emotionally spent. Burnout always makes people less productive and could cause problems with their physical and mental health. It’s smart to spend money on training to avoid getting burned out. It’s an investment in your team’s professional and personal growth, as well as the health and happiness of those close to you.

No! It is neither counseling nor therapy. In our Burnout course, people learn about effective, evidence-based ways to prevent and deal with burnout. This is an educational session.

Several things affect the price of the course, such as the number of students, the format, the location, the length of the course, etc. We’ll be happy to give you a quote that fits your needs. We’ll just need to ask you a few questions to figure out what needs to be done in your case.

This course can be changed to meet the needs of your group, no matter how much they know about the subject or how long they’ve been in the field. Usually, we go over the basics, but we will also look at more advanced tools and strategies.

We’ve worked with companies in many different fields, and we make sure to give your team the Specialist on our team whose experience and style are the best fit.

All our Workplace Mental Health Specialists are licensed mental health professionals who were chosen for their life and work experience and their ability to keep people interested. They also have experience in leadership or senior management, so they know how to deal with mental health issues at work.

We talk about the theory, but our main focus is on tools and strategies that people can use in their work and lives every day. There are a lot of hands-on activities, discussions, and other exercises in the course to keep people interested.


After you attend this Preventing and Managing Burnout Training, you’ll get FREE LIFETIME ACCESS to our Members Only Academy, packed full of videos, PDFs and tools to continue to grow your mental health knowledge.
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