Mental Health Training for Managers

Our Workplace Mental Health Masterclass is specifically designed to train managers, supervisors and other leaders to create a psychologically safe, inclusive and productive workplace, where everyone can perform at their best.

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Workplace Mental Health Training for Managers: It’s Time to Walk the Talk

A notable 91% of American workers believe a company culture should support employees with mental health issues1. That support needs to go far beyond supplying employees with the latest ‘wellness’ and ‘mental fitness’ apps.

Telling workers that mental health is a priority in the workplace is not enough. You need to back it up with action, the action you’ll learn in our Workplace Mental Health Masterclass.

Why Train Your Leaders in Workplace Mental Health?

A staggering 84% of American employees say at least one workplace factor negatively impacts their mental health.1

Mental health training for managers equips your leaders with the skills to identify and safely manage mental health issues in the workplace, you equip them to create happier, healthier, more resilient and better-performing teams.

“Just one of the pieces I learned in the Leaders Masterclass has made a huge difference in our team. By implementing that at work since the course, I have not had any staff go home from work because of stress – it used to happen all the time.”

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Mentally healthy workforce

The focus has changed from mainly addressing pre-existing mental health conditions to the effect of the workplace on everyone’s mental health.

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Earlier identification

Mental health leadership training enables your leaders & supervisors to identify the warning signs of stress, burnout, depression and other mental health conditions and lets them intervene earlier, before issues snowball.

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Safer intervention

When managers, who have undergone mental health awareness training, do need to initiate performance management action, they can do so with compassion and strategic procedures, not the risk of making things worse.


Better outcomes

Managers trained in workplace mental health can support employees to safely and productively remain at work, resulting in a better outcome for employees and the organization.

The Cost of Poor Mental Health In The Workplace

  • $48 billion in lost productivity per year 2
  • 12 unplanned absences per employee, per year 2
  • $340 per day for absences 2
  • Low morale, high turnover rates
  • Harassment and bullying complaints
  • Increased conflict, undermining of authority
  • Damaged company reputation, negative brand association
  • Declining company revenue

Peter Diaz, CEO of the WMHI, introduces the Workplace Mental Health Masterclass for Leaders

Mental Health Leadership Training Masterclass

A mentally healthy workplace starts at the top, with managers, executives, and other leaders setting the example for the entire workplace. Our mental health training for leaders ensures that example is one of compassion, understanding and overall wellbeing.

The Program

The Workplace Mental Health Masterclass for Leaders is an advanced one-day mental health course designed specifically for leaders to:

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    Develop the knowledge and practical skills needed to manage employees with mental health issues on an ongoing basis
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    Tackle performance management issues confidently before they escalate
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    Create a resilient and high-performing team in spite of any mental health issues
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    Build a team culture with mental health protective factors to minimize risk to the team

Who is it for?

True leaders lead by example, and enrolling in our Workplace Mental Health Masterclass is one of the foremost ways to show you are taking action to create a productive, harmonious and mentally healthy workplace.

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    Managers overseeing teams of employees
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    Project leaders heading departmental teams
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    Executives in charge of managerial teams
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    Human resource departments, consultants, coaches

Simon Pitkethley shares his experience of the Masterclass

What makes the Masterclass so different?

In addition to using a holistic approach that addresses mental health at the individual, team and company levels, our workplace mental health training for managers is conducted by professionals experienced in the mental health field.


Tailored to your company’s needs

We don’t do cookie-cutter training. We tailor content and examples to fit your culture, industry context and unique leadership challenges.

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Trainers with leadership experience

Our trainers are qualified mental health professionals and draw from practical experience of years in leadership positions.

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Powerful conversations with PIECES

Our mental health leadership course is the only training in the world using the PIECES model for leading supportive mental health.

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Better outcomes through a recovery-based approach

Our recovery-based approach encourages teams to work through mental health issues in a safe and supportive environment.

Course outline

The six sessions in our Workplace Mental Health Masterclass deliver practical, experiental strategies and tips you can start implementing immediately.

Get the latest findings on Workplace Mental Health, and get a good understanding of the complexity of issues, including distinguishing between fact and fiction.

Uncover the 3 major disorders causing havoc in workplaces, as well as personal, interpersonal and environmental factors causing mental distress. Learn how to manage staff wellbeing during times of change.

How to identify early if a team member might have a mental health problem, and how to respond using the PIECES model if you are concerned for a staff member’s wellbeing or they have disclosed a mental health problem.

Managing difficult team dynamics which can lead to stress, burnout, and conflict. And knowing your limits – what is appropriate to handle as a leader, and what is not.

Engage in experiential case studies to effectively managing performance when mental health is involved.

Explore the role of flexible arrangements and how to make them work for everyone.

7 Pillars of a Mentally Wealthy Workplace: Develop the first draft of your Mental Wealth Plan using the 7 Pillars of a Mentally Wealthy Workplace.


Flexible delivery options

We offer the Masterclass in face-to-face and virtual delivery modes, ensuring we can meet the needs of most organizations.

Face to face delivery

Best suited for groups of around 10 participants, our qualified trainers will lead a Masterclass on site. Trainer travel costs will be included in our custom proposal.

Virtual delivery

Ideal for geographically dispersed teams. Our trainers are experts at delivering engaging, interactive learning experiences for leadership teams via Zoom.

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Lifetime access to WMHI Academy

After you attend this mental health masterclass, you’ll get FREE LIFETIME ACCESS to our Members Only Academy, packed full of videos, PDFs and tools to continue to grow your business.

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Mental health conditions in the workplace may be more common than you think, especially since they’re not always reported. About 40% of American workers say their workplace has a negative impact on their mental health. Overall, 54% of workers said they felt uncomfortable talking to their supervisors about mental health, some fearing they’d be fired, furloughed or denied a promotion.(1) Mental health awareness training for managers helps leaders identify issues that employees may be hesitant to discuss.

Mental health promotion should be led by the CEO and reinforced by all layers of management, down to line supervisors. Awareness sessions are an effective tool for getting the word out, but to have an impact, the best approach is to train leaders at all levels to identify and support employees with mental health concerns.

Managing mental health in the workplace can be challenging, which is why leaders need to be trained to manage workplace mental health. Corporate mental health training gives managers the knowledge and strategies to manage employees with mental health issues safely, effectively and with compassion.

Guidance and resources are a great help to an employee struggling with a mental health. Options you could consider include coverage for mental health care, contact information for mental health organizations and professionals, workplace mental health policy development guide the management and support of employees.

Mental health issues in the U.S. workforce result in $48 billion in lost productivity per year.1 Unplanned absences, decreased productivity, low morale and high turnover rates can result from unaddressed mental health issues, as can compensation claims, workplace bullying and increased conflict. Negative employee reviews about a mentally unhealthy workplace can damage the company reputation, creating a negative brand association and declining company revenue.

Start by making mental health a regular part of discussions at the executive, managerial and employee levels to increase awareness and breakdown the stigma. Mental health manager training provides the right strategies for discussing and addressing pre-existing mental health issues while helping to ensure the workplace is not a breeding ground for new ones.