wmhi worklife june 22

The kind of hope you need for wellbeing is within your reach

We are now well into the year and very few people on Earth would contradict the notion that the world and it’s people need HOPE. After all, ‘Hope springs eternal in the human breast’, said the poet Alexander Pope way back in 1732. Pope knew something about human nature.

Interestingly, Alexander Pope placed hope in the same organ that loves also springs forth. Could there be a connection between hope and love? Is our capacity to hope and love intrinsically intertwined? I believe it is. Often, it is impossible to love without hope and it is impossible to hope without deep love – for someone or something.

That’s why we found it fitting and timely to publish a magazine on Hope. A study that will get us one step closer to what we so intensely need today across the world, love. Please, enjoy reading our magazine.

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